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The EarthScout® customer support team is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm CST to provide technical support, or answer questions about how to setup, install and utilize EarthScout products. If at anytime you need assistance, please contact us at 877-443-7632 and ask for one of the EarthScout Support team members listed below:

EarthScout Grow Coaches

EarthScout Grow Coaches are leaders in the agriculture field and available at no additional cost to EarthScout customers. EarthScout Grow Coaches are strategic advisors that enjoy helping our customers analyze their EarthScout soil and grow data, and providing recommendations for optimizing their operation, increasing ROI and reducing risk. If you have questions, please contact one of our Grow Coaches below:

Theresa Bayrer
Grow Coach

Theresa is a Lead Grow Coach for EarthScout and a plant physiologist with over 20 years of experience in professional agronomics. Theresa is a strategic advisor that is available at no additional cost to EarthScout customers. You can contact Theresa at 877-443-7632.

Customer Support

If you ever need help setting up or installing your EarthScout, or if you have technical issues, please contact our customer support team below:

Sara Wieland
Customer Support Specialist

Sara oversees the customer support department at EarthScout. If you have questions about your EarthScout, please contact Sara at 877-443-7632, Extension 0.

Loren Peterson
Technical Support

Loren oversees the technical support department at EarthScout. If you are having technical issues with your EarthScout, please contact Loren at 877-443-7632, Extension 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common support questions we’ve received. Please reference this list if you run into technical issues:

Are EarthScout Grow Coaches a Free Resource for EarthScout Customers?

Yes. Grow Coaches are agriculture industry leaders that are experts in helping growers to get the most out of their EarthScout. Call EarthScout at 877-443-7632 to learn more about how our Grow Coaches can help you.