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The EarthScout® customer support team is available Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm CST to provide agronomy or technical support, or answer questions about how to setup, install and utilize EarthScout products. If at anytime you need assistance, please contact us at 877-443-7632 and ask for one of the EarthScout Support team members listed below:

Agronomist Support:

EarthScout agronomists enjoy helping our customers analyze their EarthScout soil and grow data, while providing recommendations for optimizing their operation, increasing ROI and reducing risk.

Anna Kelley, Agronomist

Anna is trained in agronomy, precision Ag, and GIS, and received her Masters in Plant Health Management from The Ohio State University in 2023. She is a strategic advisor that is available to EarthScout customers. You can contact Anna at 877-443-7632.


Customer Support:

If you ever need help setting up or installing your EarthScout, or if you have technical issues, please contact our customer support team below:

Sara Wieland, Customer Support Specialist

Sara oversees the customer support department at EarthScout. If you have questions about your EarthScout, please contact Sara at 877-443-7632, Extension 0.

Loren Peterson, Technical Support

Loren oversees the technical support department at EarthScout. If you are having technical issues with your EarthScout, please contact Loren at 877-443-7632, Extension 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common support questions we’ve received. Please reference this list if you run into technical issues:

Where in the field should I install my EarthScout sensors?

You can install the sensors in a well performing area and poor performing area to adjust management decisions accordingly. Contact your EarthScout agronomist for more specific recommendations based on your goals.

What derived data does EarthScout provide?

Soil Moisture Parameters provided in the EarthScout APP include: field capacity, wilting point, field saturation, and available water content. Hyper local Growing Degree Days are also calculated based on crop type.

How reliable are TDR soil moisture sensors?

The Acclima TDR Soil Moisture sensors that we use are pre-calibrated and quality checked prior to shipping. These sensors are installed in undisturbed soil and provide a true representation of the soil media. Read our blog to learn Why TDR Soil Sensors are Preferred for Precision Irrigation Scheduling:

How often does my EarthScout send a data packet?

Standard data polling rate is 1 hour, to adjust your polling rate, contact technical support.

Does this technology qualify for USDA conservation cost share programs?

Absolutely! Many states have cost share programs to help growers purchase resource conservation equipment, such as soil moisture sensors.

Can I add extra sensors or accessories after I purchase my equipment?

Yes, please contact a sales representative to add sensors to your EarthScout. The sensors are plug and play and can be added at any time.