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EarthScout® is a revolutionary technology for measuring real-time growing conditions, 24/7—above and below the ground. Our easy-to-install sensors capture multiple data points – in the soil and within the local growing environment – giving you up-to-the minute field information between zones. Data is wirelessly communicated back to your smartphone or desktop computer through an intuitive interface with easy-to-read:

  • Real-time data & historical trends
  • Growing degree units
  • Alerts, notifications & helpful tools
  • Journal for managing notes, tasks, soil test data, tissue sample data, photos, and more
  • Links to crop specific reference materials

Over 20 Sensors to Choose From

EarthScout lets you better react to changes in the micro-climates and soils that surround your developing plants. With our plug-and-play, industrial grade EarthScout sensors, you can receive real-time crop data directly to your phone—all season long. Contact us today to learn how EarthScout’s family of sensors can help you!

Soil Moisture
Soil Oxygen Levels
Soil Temperature
Solar Energy
Photosynthetic Energy 
Frost Risk
Frost Risk
Wind Speed*
Soil Salinity
Air Temperature
Air Temperature
Air Humidity
GPS Location
Thermal IR*
Leaf Wetness
Leaf Wetness*
Air Oxygen
Soil Matrix
Soil Matric
Solar Radiation
Solar Radiation
Leaf Temperature
Bud Temperature
Wind Direction

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*Currently in development.

Access field-by-field or zone-by-zone growing conditions

Now you can carefully monitor the growing conditions of your crops real-time, with one click on your phone. No matter what you grow, where you grow it, or how you grow it, EarthScout can be placed almost anywhere, and configured to give you the data you need, when you need it. Explore some of our examples below, or contact us to learn how EarthScout could go to work for you.

Set Alerts & Take Action

You can even set alerts on your phone – reducing risk by assuring you won’t over (or under) apply costly crop inputs, and supporting important decisions regarding:

Aeration Graphing Mowing
Air Control Harvesting Pinching
Cloning Humidification Planting
Cultivating Insuring Pruning
Documenting Irrigation Ripening
Fertilization Lighting Soil Testing
Frazing Mapping Spraying