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Dial in your precision irrigation with EarthScout®

EarthScout® Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors are a commercial-grade, smart farming IOT technology for monitoring soil moisture and helping growers conserve water and reduce pivot and drip irrigation costs. Soil moisture data is sent to the EarthScout app on your smartphone real-time, so you can calculate your Field Capacity (FC) and safely dial-in irrigation for healthy growth. Most growers see significant savings on irrigation costs in the first season using EarthScout. Installed in minutes and easy to use, EarthScout Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors are perfect for helping the tech savvy or non-technical grower save time and money. EarthScout is solar powered and cellular, so it can be installed anywhere you have cell coverage – even if the coverage is weak. Plus, you can also:

  • Use EarthScout with any crop
  • Monitor your soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil salinity (EC)
  • Monitor your air temperature & humidity
  • View current & historical trends
  • Set alerts, notifications, and access helpful tools
  • Use the calendar to schedule tasks and reminders
  • Take photos and notes for your records
  • Access crop specific reference materials
  • Schedule a call, or contact us today at 1-877-443-7632

Use EarthScout to Set Alerts & Take Action

You can even set alerts on your phone – reducing risk by assuring you won’t over (or under) apply costly crop inputs, and supporting important decisions regarding:

Air Control Harvesting Humidification
Planting Cultivating Pruning
Irrigating Fertilizing Lighting

How Many Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors Does A Grower Need?

We recommend you start with one EarthScout L3 Plus and use it to determine your Field Capacity (FC). Then use the EarthScout Irrigation App to gradually reduce your irrigation to safe levels just above the Maximum Allowable Depletion (MAD), which is typically 1/2 of your Field Capacity (FC). Our team of agronomists are available weekdays to help you calculate your Field Capacity, Maximum Allowable Depletion; and dial in your irrigation.

Later on, get a second EarthScout and place one in your best performing field, and the other in your poorest performing field. Use the data from your best field as a guide to adjust water and nutrients in the other field until both grow well.

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Access field-by-field or zone-by-zone growing conditions

Now you can carefully monitor the growing conditions of your crops real-time, with one click on your phone. No matter what you grow, where you grow it, or how you grow it, EarthScout can be placed almost anywhere, and configured to give you the data you need, when you need it. To learn more, schedule a call, or contact us today at 1-877-443-7632.

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