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Spring Webinar Series Week 1 – Introduction to EarthScout

We are so excited to introduce our Spring Webinar Series! This 6-week series will serve to help you get to know EarthScout and what we have to offer in 2022. These events will be live on Fridays at 8AM Central Time through April 22nd, and each week will be recorded.

As much as we would love to have everyone attend in person to ask questions and engage with us, we know times are busier than ever. Each Friday afternoon, we will be posting the recordings on our YouTube channel, blog, and social media platforms for you to watch at your leisure.

Week 1 kicked off this morning and is an Introduction to EarthScout. You can view the recording at the end of this blog, or head over to YouTube. This week we introduced our host, Anna Kelley (Agronomist and Grow Coach), and moderator, Sara Wieland (Marketing and Customer Support Specialist).

After our brief introductions, Anna presented our leadership team, development team, various support teams, and a brief overview of our product models and web and mobile app. The presentation was followed by a brief Q&A.

Thank you to everyone who attended and asked questions this week. We were very happy with the turn out and engagement and look forward to the rest of the series.

The remaining schedule is as follows:

  • Week 2 (March 25th) Available EarthScout Sensors – a deep dive into the variety of precision field sensors that we offer.
  • Week 3 (April 1st) – Understanding Soil Moisture and Soil Moisture Managementwhy does soil moisture matter? How can you use EarthScout soil sensors to monitor and make management decisions on your farm?
  • Week 4 (April 8th) – Mid-Season and End of Season Reports. What are these reports and how can they help you?
  • Week 5 (April 15th) – EarthScout Irrigation Case Studies. How our irrigation studies have helped growers see significant savings on irrigation costs.
  • Week 6 (April 22nd) – Crazy About Cover Crops. We will discuss soil health and the benefits of sustainable farming practices and case studies we have around this topic.

We hope to see you for the remainder of our series. If you would like to register, you can do so by clicking this link.

If you can’t attend during the live events and you watch any of our recordings, please reach out to us via phone at 877-443-7632 or through our website to ask questions and speak with us about your needs.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and we can’t wait to see everyone again next week as we take a dive into our available sensors and their uses!