WeatherScout® 1

Cellular Weather Station


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Monitor the precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity and 5 other weather variables in any field, anywhere, anytime. Easy to install & use, WeatherScout 1 Cellular uses IOT smart farming technology to send hourly weather readings to the EarthScout mobile app on your phone. WeatherScout 1 Cellular has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.  It was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates with extreme cold and heat. A redundant battery and solar panel ensures reliable service year-round, regardless of climate. Includes 8 ft. pole with weather sensor array, solar panel, 12V battery with enclosure and mounting bracket, GPS, and ground screw. 

WeatherScout 1 Cellular monitors 10 variables:

  1. Precipitation
  2. Wind Speed
  3. Wind Direction
  4. Air Temperature
  5. Relative Humidity
  6. Solar Radiation
  7. Vapor Pressure
  8. Barometric Pressure
  9. Lightning Strike Counter
  10. Lightning Strike Distance

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Standard production time is 4-6 weeks for all EarthScout units and will be shipped via FedEx Ground. For expedited production or shipping options, please contact our sales team at 877-443-7632.