EarthScout A Series Indoor Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor (Starting at $1,315)

EarthScout A Series is ideal for greenhouse growers and can be configured with up to 5 sensor attachments. EarthScout is a wireless device that monitors soil moisture, temperature, air humidity, and lighting, and sends the data to the EarthScout app on your smart phone. EarthScout is portable, easy to install, and maintenance free.

Use the EarthScout app to manage irrigation by setting your high and low soil moisture range (Example: 19% and 14%). Receive phone alerts when soil moisture hits 19% or 14%, and adjust irrigation accordingly. EarthScout saves growers up to 50% on irrigation.

Configure EarthScout for Bluetooth, Wifi, or Cellular:

  • Bluetooth: Stores last 7 days of data for download to your smartphone.
  • Wifi: Use your Wifi to send soil data to your smartphone.
  • Cellular: Uses cellular to send soil data to your smartphone. Data fees apply.

Configure Your EarthScout A Series:

  • Power: *

    EarthScout A Series with Rechargeable Battery & Tripod

    $1,000.00 each

    Customize EarthScout A Series Indoor with up to 5 different sensor attachments at one time. Includes tripod stand. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months on a single charge and includes battery charger.


    EarthScout A Series with Rechargeable Battery, 120V Plug, and Tripod

    $1,048.00 each

    Customize EarthScout with up to 5 different sensor attachments at one time. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months on a single charge and includes battery charger and 120V plug. Tripod stand folds for easy storage.


  • Communications: *

  • Sensors: *

    TDR Soil Moisture Sensor

    $315.00 each

    Research grade TDR Soil Moisture Sensor monitors soil moisture, soil temperature, & soil conductivity (EC). Purchase up to 3 sensors to monitor multiple soil depths.


    Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    $58.00 each

    Our Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor helps outdoor and greenhouse growers monitor the air temperature and humidity realtime.


    PAR Light Sensor with Telescopic Pole

    $643.00 each

    Monitor greenhouse light above the canopy. Includes telescopic pole.


    Soil & Air Oxygen Sensor

    $586.00 each

    Monitor soil & air oxygen.


    Air CO2 Sensor

    $243.00 each

    Our Air CO2 Sensor helps greenhouse growers monitor the CO2 levels inside their greenhouse or indoor growing areas.


  • Support: *

    Data Privacy

    $99.00 each

    One-time fee to lock your field data for life. Your data privacy for this product purchase will remain secure with DataSafe and cannot be resold.


    Season-End Field Report

    $129.00 each

    Includes one 5-7 page season-end report that summarizes your field data including: Air Temperature, Soil Moisture, Growing Degree Units, and more. Use it for personal reference or for reporting purposes.


    3-Year Extended Limited Warranty

    $199.00 each

    Extend your limited warranty to 3-years.



Or, Lease for $69.99/mo*

*Lease to own in 48 months. To lease, please contact a sales representative at 877-443-7632.

Standard production time is six weeks for all EarthScout units and will be shipped via FedEx Ground. For expedited production or shipping options, please contact our sales team at 877-443-7632.