C3100 Wireless 3 Soil Cub Wifi Bundle w/ Cellular Gateway

The innovative new EarthScout Soil Cub is a miniature 4.5”x3”x2” commercial grade sensor that’s installed in the field or greenhouse soil to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature and EC so growers can see moisture and nutrient levels in the root zone and adjust inputs accordingly. The device lasts all season with one charge, installs in minutes, and is maintenance free.

Soil Cub's wifi communicates field data to the EarthScout solar powered cellular gateway up to two miles away by line of sight when installed with the EarthScout 12’ flag antenna. The cellular gateway also measures air temperature and humidity. Up to 15 wifi enabled Soil Cubs can communicate with one cellular gateway, giving farmers real time insights into air and soil conditions across a 4-mile diameter when using the EarthScout app. Soil Cub gives the grower the data they need during a drought to gradually reduce and lock in irrigation at ideal levels for healthy growth safely above the wilting point. Soil data is transmitted from the cellular gateway to the EarthScout App on the farmers smart phone where it’s presented with intuitive charts so they know when and how much to irrigate, spray, and more.

The C3100 Soil Cub bundle comes with a wireless cellular gateway and 3 Soil Cubs. Each rechargeable Soil Cub has one soil sensor for monitoring soil data at one depth. The gateway includes the choice between WiFi or Cellular capability, and the choice of solar power (solar panel), or 120V power cord. EarthScout's Quick Install Burial Tube & 12' Flag Antenna - sold separately. PLUS, NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES FOR 4 YEARS!

What's Included:

  • 1 Gateway (Cellular or Wifi) with Solar Panel or 120V power cord, that monitors:
    • Air Temperature
    • Air Humidity
  • 3 Soil Cubs (Wifi), each Soil Cub includes one soil sensor that monitors:
    • Soil Moisture
    • Soil EC
    • Soil Temperature

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