A3 Soil Moisture Sensor (Indoor/Wifi)


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Monitor the soil moisture, air temperature, and humidity in your greenhouse from anywhere, anytime. Perfect for irrigation management, A3 Soil Moisture Sensor with IOT smart farming technology uses your Wifi to send hourly soil moisture readings to the EarthScout app on your phone to help you maintain the ideal amount of water and nutrients for your crops. It can run up to 3 environmental probes at a time to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, soil EC, air temperature, and humidity. It's easy to use and install. For irrigation set your preferred high and low soil moisture range in the EarthScout app (e.g. 19% and 14%) and it notifies you when soil moisture hits your high or low range, then adjust irrigation accordingly. A3 Soil Moisture Sensor quickly pays for itself, saving growers an average of 25-50% on irrigation costs, while reducing management time and improving crop quality. Qualifies for most state and federal water conservation rebates. Compare EarthScout Products.

A3 Soil Moisture Sensor for $1,349 includes:

  • 3 plug & play sensor ports (run up to 3 sensors - see Features & Benefits)
  • Battery and Mounting Stake
  • 1 TDR Soil Moisture Sensor (plug-in to monitor soil moisture, temp, & EC)
  • 120V AC Adapter (plug-in to provide power and charge battery)
  • EarthScout App with Irrigation Module
  • Wifi Plan: $1.99/month (1st year FREE)
  • 5-STAR Installation & Technical Support (Priceless)

    Configure Your Product:

    • Wifi Plan *

    • Add Sensors (Optional): *

      Air Temperature/Humidity Sensor

      Plug-in this sensor to monitor air temperature and humidity. Also useful for calculating growing degree units for estimating the growth and development of crops and pests.

      $82.00 each   |  


      TDR Soil Moisture Sensor

      Plug-in a second research grade TDR Soil Moisture Sensor to your EarthScout. Then insert the metal tines in the soil to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil electroconductivity at a second soil depth. Learn more about the benefits of TDR Soil Moisture Sensors below.

      $451.00 each   |  


    • Add Accessories (Optional): *

      Quick Install Burial Tube (Outdoor/Indoor)

      Once installed in the soil, use the Burial Tube to quickly insert one or more TDR Soil Moisture Sensors into the soil at various depths without digging another hole.

      $80.00 each   |  


      Extra Battery (L3, A3, & WeatherScout)

      Compatible with L-Series, A-Series, and WeatherScout.

      $27.00 each   |  


    • Add Reports (Optional): *

      End-Of-Season Agronomic Report

      One (1) field data summary for the previous season. Useful for corporate farm reporting, conservation program compliance, or historical reference.

      $129.00 each   |  


    • Extend Warranty (Optional): *

      3-Year Extended Limited Warranty

      Extend your 1-year limited warranty to 3-years.

      $199.00 each   |  



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