A200 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor Plus – Greenhouse

EarthScout® A200 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor Plus is a precision agriculture solution for helping indoor growers reduce drip irrigation and fertigation costs and see significant savings every year. The EarthScout A200 Soil Moisture Sensor is a crop agnostic, wireless, commercial grade smart farming technology that plugs-in and installs in the greenhouse soil in minutes. Once installed, it sends greenhouse environment and soil data to the EarthScout app on the grower's smart phone in realtime, 24/7, so they always know what's happening in the greenhouse - day or night. Plus, EarthScout's multiple smart sensors also monitor greenhouse temperature & humidity, reduce expensive inputs like nitrogen, dial in greenhouse lighting, measure GDUs, and more! PLUS, NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES FOR 4 YEARS!

Smart Sensors included:

  • Soil Moisture Meter (1)
  • Soil EC Sensor (1)
  • Soil Temperature Sensor (1)
  • Air Temperature Sensor (1)
  • Air Humidity Sensor (1)

Over 20 different sensors are available, enabling growers to customize EarthScout for any indoor crop! Contact an EarthScout sales rep for details at 877-443-7632.

Limited Time Offer ($1,040 Value!):

Includes your choice of Wifi or Cell Plan with 4 years of unlimited data ($600 Value!) and 4 free hours of EarthScout's industry leading Grow Coach agronomist support ($440 Value!). Limit of 12 free hours per customer. EarthScout's Grow Coaches are agronomists that are available weekdays to help you analyze your field data so you can safely reduce your irrigation to the lowest level for healthy growth, just above the wilting point - potentially saving you thousands of dollars every season. Our Grow Coaches also help growers dial in ideal nitrogen levels, manage pests, increase yields, and more!


Or, Lease for $69.99/mo*

*Lease to own in 48 months. To lease, please contact a sales representative at 877-443-7632.

Standard production time is six weeks for all EarthScout units and will be shipped via FedEx Ground. For expedited production or shipping options, please contact our sales team at 877-443-7632.