EarthScout PRO Greenhouse – Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor (OLD)

Maintain the perfect soil moisture for greenhouse growth with EarthScout® PRO Greenhouse. EarthScout is a commercial grade device for helping greenhouse growers manage growing conditions including: irrigation, fertigation, humidity, and lighting. EarthScout is portable and can easily be moved around the greenhouse. Once installed, it sends practical environment and soil information to the EarthScout app on your smart phone in realtime, 24/7. Customize EarthScout PRO Greenhouse with up to 5 different sensor attachments at one time.

EarthScout App: Includes our easy-to-use app for managing irrigation. Use the app to set your preferred soil moisture range for your EarthScout (e.g. high-end: 19% moisture, and low-end: 14% moisture). Then receive alerts when your soil moisture approaches the high-end or low-end of your range, and adjust your water usage accordingly. It's that easy! EarthScout is proven to save greenhouse growers up to 50% on irrigation.

Configure your EarthScout PRO Greenhouse for either Bluetooth, Wifi, or Cellular:

  • Bluetooth: EarthScout stores up to 7 days of data that downloads to your smartphone.
  • Wifi: Uses your Wifi system to deliver soil data to your smartphone.
  • Cellular: Uses cellular to deliver soil data to your smartphone. Data fees apply.

If you need another sensor bundle other than those shown below, please contact EarthScout.

Configure Your EarthScout PRO Greenhouse: (OLD)


Or, Lease for $69.99/mo*

*Lease to own in 48 months. To lease, please contact a sales representative at 877-443-7632.

Standard production time is six weeks for all EarthScout units and will be shipped via FedEx Ground. For expedited production or shipping options, please contact our sales team at 877-443-7632.