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EarthScout® was created to help science-minded growers succeed and advance their competitive edge with the smart use of technology. Not Big Ag. Not Big Data. EarthScout was born in grower roundtables as a practical and flexible solution to help farmers Grow Smarter™ today, while always evolving to better serve their needs in the future.

When you lease or purchase an EarthScout, you become part of an innovative data pool that lets you view your detailed and specific field data, while also gaining access to anonymized field data collected from farmers in your region to better correlate cause-and-effect relationships for improved yields, lower costs and reduced risks.

Your data privacy is very important to you, and it continues to be a critical tenant of our mission. That’s why EarthScout was structured as a Benefit Corporation, to help insure your grower data remains safe and secure today, and into the future.

Own your data. Grow your powerbase.

As an EarthScout owner, your membership privileges include:

  • Ownership of the data collected from your EarthScout (metadata is anonymized and shared with other EarthScout users)
  • Above and below ground micro-environment data builds value with each harvest
  • Data can be sorted and/or shared to set benchmarks for improvements
  • Opportunities to learn new technologies and techniques that advance agriculture and build living soils from science-minded growers
  • Peace of mind knowing your data is protected with EarthScout DataSafe technology

Contact a sales representative today to learn how EarthScout could help you!