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Welcome To EarthScout – Introduction

January 4, 2022


Joe Pries

Welcome to EarthScout, we’re excited to have you with us. You will soon receive a box containing an EarthScout L 600, L 400 or L 200. Also in the box will be a charger and spare battery. Use the box for storing EarthScout when not in use.

Get started by carefully placing EarthScout on the floor. Now let’s power up your EarthScout. Start by pulling out the spring loaded pins on the left and right side of the solar panel. Pull them out while gently raising the solar panel to a horizontal position.

Then release the pins to lock the solar panel in place. Open the gray box by pulling on the gray cliffs. Once open, remove the plastic tab from the battery terminals to power up your EarthScout. Do not remove the moisture absorbing packet to the left side of the battery.

Now, let’s check the serial number to confirm you received the correct product. If you’ve downloaded the EarthScout app to your phone, compare the serial number on the dashboard of the app to the serial number located on the exterior of the box or inside the box, as shown here to make sure they match. If they don’t please call us at the phone number provided at the end of this video. The battery in your EarthScout should be fully charged when you receive it. In the future, if your EarthScout app indicates the battery power is low, swing the battery support arm to the right and remove the battery from your EarthScout.

Plug in the charger cable to the back of the blue battery charger box and then plug in the charger into an outlet. Place the battery top down into the Blue Charger box. Be sure the battery clips are resting on the metal tabs inside the Blue Charger box.

Allow the battery to charge 24 hours before reinstalling it. Close the front panel and clip it shut again. Use this chart to determine the ideal solar panel angle based on your location. Contact EarthScout for our recommended panel angle if you live outside the Americas.

You are now ready to use your EarthScout. Check out the resources section on EarthScout.com for instructions on how to install the EarthScout app, how to install EarthScout in a field, how to tutorials and more.