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Mobile App Tutorial Part 8 – Calendar, Notes & Photos

January 4, 2022


Joe Pries

Use the calendar to set upcoming events, review past events and record notes and photos. From your dashboard, tap the calendar icon in the footer. Today’s date will be highlighted in a green circle. Swipe the calendar to the left or right to find the month and date you want to add an event or field note to.

Press and hold your finger on a preferred date to open or create a new calendar event. On the new events screen, enter your event title or tap show all options to add greater detail. Enter your event title. Example insect spraying.

Select the start and end time, your location and add a detailed description. You can also take photos of your crop and add them to the event for a visual record. Tip, if this event is related to a specific EarthScout, include the name of the EarthScout in the event description.