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How it Works – Unlock Your Field Data with EarthScout Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors!

January 4, 2022


Joe Pries

Unlock your field data with EarthScout. Your fields contain a wealth of data. Now you have a powerful tool to unlock it. EarthScout gives you instant visibility to field data so you can make timely decisions regarding irrigation, planting, fertilizing and more.

Your plants require a precise combination of water, nutrients and sunlight each day to reach their full potential. EarthScout provides 24-7 visibility above ground for monitoring air temperature and humidity. And below ground for monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature and salinity.

As the moisture and nutrients around your plants change, EarthScout collects the data and relays it to a local cell tower. Then to our labs for processing and to the EarthScout app on your smartphone, where the data is presented in simple charts and graphs. Use EarthScout to determine when, where and how much to irrigate and save water.

Add nitrogen and nutrients. Protect against disease and pests and more. Our grow coaches are always ready to help with over 20 different smart sensor options. EarthScout can be configured for any crop. Contact us today and learn how you can unlock your field data with EarthScout.