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EarthScout Participates in North Dakota Plug and Play AgTech Program

EarthScout is thrilled to be included in the Plug and Play North Dakota AgTech Batch 3 with 13 other startups from around the world. This program is a wonderful opportunity to connect with strategically aligned corporations, as well as other startups in various focus areas of AgTech. Our batch was selected by partners of the program to represent innovations in agriculture surrounding sustainability, field monitoring, precision farming, and automation.

This programs’ founding partners include:
Bremer Bank
OCP Group

Focus Week:

The North Dakota Plug and Play accelerator program lasts about three months; however, the week of March 15th is the programs Focus Week. Focus week is time for a more concentrated amount of collaboration between startups, investors, growers, and members of previous startup batches.

Monday and Tuesday consist of events exclusive to the AgTech partners and startups.

However, Wednesday’s event is open to the public and consists of a growers panel and a presentation by Adam Bergman of Ecotech Capital on “How AgTech companies can succeed in a post-COVID world”.

We look forward to learning more and connecting throughout the week and we hope you join in on Wednesday for the public event.

More information can be found on this program, as well as information about the startups included in our batch, here.