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EarthScout® Named Finalist for 2020 Tekne Awards

EarthScout has been selected by the Minnesota Technology Association as a finalist in the 2020 Tekne Awards in the Sustainable Resources award category alongside Claros Technologies and CounterFlow Technologies. The Sustainable Resources award category honors utilization of technology to more efficiently and sustainably manage resources related to energy, water, food, etc.

EarthScout, GBC. was recognized for creating a proven and affordable Precision Farming Application and Remote Sensor used for efficiently monitoring growing environments above and below the soil – helping growers increase yields, manage and reduce costly inputs, protect the environment, and develop living soils for a stronger, healthier future. EarthScout’s vision is to create the world’s premier community of science-minded growers using an intuitive and robust Internet of Things (IoT) platform that promotes collaboration, education, and applied data analytics.

Claros Technologies, Inc. is an advanced materials company with a holistic approach to materials development that creates sustainable products with zero toxic waste. Claros has introduced thermal Crescoating (coating by growth [-cresco]) — an innovative, eco-friendly process for nanocoating and nanocomposites. By growing these inorganic nanoparticals, rather than conventional surface coating, next level stability, durability, multi-functionality, and performance can be achieved in remediation sorbents, functional polymers, and smart textiles.

CounterFlow Technologies, Inc. has designed a revolutionary spray nozzle that can spray a wide range of highly viscous materials and greatly reduces the consumption of material and energy. The nozzle efficiently atomizes viscous liquids using a liquid-gas counterflow, creating the ideal mixture for spraying upon leaving the nozzle. CounterFlow has made it possible to easily retrofit their technology (nozzle and air cap) on your existing hardware. Their engineering team can quantify your spray dynamics, providing the most efficient and effective spray to fit your company’s needs.

The Tekne Awards, presented by the Minnesota Technology Association, have highlighted companies and organizations in the Minnesota science and technology industry every year since 1998. The event brings the state’s business, educational and government leaders together to celebrate the best and brightest of Minnesota’s diverse science and technology-based economy.

This year, the Tekne celebration will occur virtually on November 18th and will honor the finalists and award winners in 16 primary categories that exhibit leadership in business enablement through technology, innovation in Minnesota’s leading industries, and contributions to a vibrant tech ecosystem.

The Minnesota Technology Association has helped fuel the success of Minnesota’s innovation economy for over 30 years. They believe success is achieved with access to exceptional talent, dedicated public policy advocates, and being a part of an innovative and inclusive tech community. Each year, thousands of technology professionals make meaningful connections and advance their careers through respected programs, educational opportunities, and networking events.

EarthScout is honored to be recognized by the Tekne’s alongside CounterFlow Technologies and Claros Technologies. Thank you to the Minnesota Technology Association for your commitment to Minnesota’s advancement in science and technology. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the finalists and winners in November!