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EarthScout® Launches Mobile App v 3.0.2

Now the powerful tool for growing crops that fits in your pocket has become even more powerful!

Growers are facing many challenges in agriculture today and some are turning to technology to solve problems related to pruning, pest management, moisture management, and other costly inputs.

EarthScout® offers a solution to these problems, measuring real-time growing conditions above and below ground – 24/7. The power lies behind the data, helping you manage your time and resources more efficiently. You can access your data from anywhere, on your smartphone or desktop computer.

The EarthScout web application was developed for taking a deep dive into your data with extra features used in off season analysis for creating benchmarks for next years’ crop. The web app gives you the ability to download and analyze your data from any time period you choose. You also have an EarthScout Grow Coach available to help you learn how to analyze your data, to make sure you have a more complete understanding as to what is going on in your field or greenhouse.

The EarthScout Mobile app is easy to use and developed for monitoring specific crops in real time. The mobile app has recently been updated to version 3.0.2 and includes some new features and functionality including…

Advanced soil parameters

Determine your soil attributes at every EarthScout installation site. After at least 45 days of continual monitoring, EarthScout will provide estimated Field Capacity, Available Water Holding Capacity and other valuable soil and irrigation management parameters. The longer the location is monitored, the more accurate these estimates become.

Growing degree units

Keep track of crop and potential pest growth. EarthScout has improved by allowing growers to plot accumulated Growing Degree Days (GDD) with other measurements and pest related GDDs. Compare the crop growth stage with the pest growth stage to determine Integrated Pest Management impacts. Growers can also compare GDD crop stages with moisture and temperature curves to develop better agronomic plans (or feel better about taking a weekend off to go fishing).

Picture journal

Record pictures and text in your calendar to create a richer timeline of your field events. This is an expansion of the “Quick Notes” feature and provides added context for data post season (or sooner).

Create custom notification settings for your sensors

This app update provides higher level and more granular danger notifications to ensure your crops needs are always being met.

Improved user interface and experience

Manage your EarthScout devices, notifications, and graphs easier with optimized viewing and an easier to read mobile interface.

User profile

Use one “User Profile” across devices to create a seamless EarthScout experience. Now users can create separate user profiles for their team members to set their own notifications and keep derived data profiles consistent across devices and easy to access.

If you already have the EarthScout app, you may simply remove your old app and go to your app store to download the new version.

For more information about how EarthScout can help save you time and money, visit our website at EarthScout.com or contact us today. Don’t delay, there’s still time to purchase or lease before the 2021 growing season!

Dipesh Karki is the Chief Technology Officer at EarthScout. He is an expert in electrical controls and software with a proven record for developing new technologies and over 20 years of experience as an electrical engineer.