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EarthScout® Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors and Weather Stations are an affordable, easy-to-use, smart farming and irrigation technology that installs in your field in minutes. The Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors send real-time field data to the EarthScout® Irrigation app on your phone and laptop. The Irrigation app shows you the Field Capacity (FC), Maximum Allowable Depletion (MAD), and how many inches of water to add using simple charts and graphs, so you can dial in the precise water and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Reference the Irrigation app chart each day to irrigate up to the Field Capacity and dry down to the Maximum Allowable Depletion. Using this simple approach, most growers see significant savings on irrigation costs in the first year. Also available is our popular WeatherCub 1 Cellular Weather Station which monitors 11 hyper local weather variables including precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and humidity – and sends the data real time to the EarthScout app. To learn more, schedule a call, or contact us today at 1-877-443-7632.

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Grow Smarter with Cellular Soil Moisture
Sensors & Weather Stations

Save On Irrigation

Save on pivot and drip irrigation costs with the EarthScout Irrigation App and Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors.

Save On Nutrients

Dial in the exact amount of water and nutrients needed for optimal growth with our soil data readings.

Know When to Spray

Determine the ideal frequency and time for applying pesticides with EarthScout’s GDU Tool and real-time sensor data readings.

Know When to Plant

Use EarthScout’s Cellular Soil Moisture Sensors and soil temperature data readings to determine when to plant.

Track Greenhouse Irrigation

Reduce irrigation costs and optimize your greenhouse HVAC and lighting system with our Wifi Soil Moisture Sensors.

Monitor Local Precipitation

WeatherCub™ delivers hyper local precipitation data and 11 weather variables to the EarthScout App.

Monitor Wind Speed

WeatherCub™ gives you real time data when you need it. Plus, there are no moving parts and no maintenance.

Talk To Agronomists

EarthScout leads the industry in customer support. Agronomists are available to help you save on irrigation, and increase yields.

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Custom Configure EarthScout® For Your Specific Needs.

EarthScout® was designed to be easily adaptable for any indoor or outdoor crop, soil, or growing condition. EarthScout L3 (shown) has 3 plug and play sensor ports so you can easily add environmental and soil moisture sensors, as needed. EarthScout L3 Plus has five different sensor ports for above and below ground monitoring.

Our TDR Soil Moisture Sensors (shown) are research-grade and considered to be the most accurate sensors on the market, and require no calibration. When installed in the root zone they measure soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil EC at various depths, and send the soil data back to the EarthScout Irrigation app in real time. Use two TDR Soil Moisture Sensors for monitoring soil data at two soil depths.

Above ground sensors are also available for monitoring air temperature, humidity, and solar radiation. All EarthScout devices are portable and can easily be moved from zone to zone as needed.

How It Works

EarthScout® was born as a result of meeting with hundreds of growers like you who were seeking an affordable IOT smart agriculture solution to help them conserve water, reduce irrigation costs, and simplify their irrigation management efforts. Our easy-to-install cellular soil moisture sensors and weather stations capture multiple data points in your soil and growing environment – giving you real time field information across zones. Field data is instantly communicated using cellular technology to your phone and laptop, and visually displayed in our easy to use EarthScout Irrigation app, helping you Grow Smarter™.

Case Study

Bert Bouwman and his son Berend grow a dozen different crops, including sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, cucumbers and strawberries, and sell them through local produce stands and major supermarkets in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

They purchased one EarthScout to help them save money on their pivot and drip irrigation, and in the first year they saved 50% on their irrigation costs. The next season they purchased three more EarthScouts to use in their greenhouse, watermelon, and strawberry field. In addition to realizing savings on irrigation, Bert is using EarthScout in his deficit irrigation to dial in his drip irrigation system for growing the sweetest, juiciest watermelons and strawberries.

Learn more about how Bert and Berend are using EarthScout to achieve their goals.


“EarthScout helped us reduce our irrigation costs from $75 per acre down to $50, which saves us about $3,000 for every 120 acre field.”

Grant Anderson, Corn & Soybean Grower
Anderson Farms, MN

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