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EarthScout® products are manufactured in the USA using industrial grade materials, and customizable to accommodate any crop, soil or growing environment. Check out our innovative, precision agriculture products below.


EarthScout® is the gateway for sending field data to your desktop computer or mobile phone. With over 15 sensors available, you can custom configure EarthScout for any crop, soil or growing condition. If you have questions about how EarthScout can support your growing efforts, please contact a sales representative today at 1-877-443-7632.

Device Benefits:

  • Easy to deploy (5 minutes, no on/off switch, no manuals)
  • Power management (battery, solar, 120VAC) allows for flexible placement and redundancy
  • Communications options including cellular as standard (cell carrier independent), Bluetooth, and WiFi
  • High quality, industrial-grade probes that can be configured based on specific crops, conditions and needs
  • Mobile App is simple and developed for monitoring specific crops
  • WEB App developed for planning and analysis
  • Clever AI features such as GDU, soil mapping, and crop specific grow methods
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