Quick Install Burial Tube with 12′ Flag Antenna

The EarthScout quick install burial tube with 12’ flag antenna enables Soil Cub to communicate field data to the EarthScout solar powered cellular gateway up to two miles away by line of sight. The 10” x 16” covered PVC tube is buried in the ground and Soil Cub is easily mounted inside. The burial tube and antenna remains in the ground all season providing protection for Soil Cub and fast access for the farmer. The orange 12’ antenna inserts into the tube and extends above the canopy for quick identification in the field. The flag antenna also has a spring base that bends 90 degrees so equipment and weather can safely pass over, and can be removed in minutes during planting or harvest.


  • Easy to install
  • Once the burial tube is installed, installing or adjusting your Soil Cub or soil sensors takes minutes
  • Multiple holes for measuring soil moisture at multiple levels
  • Made from commercial grade PVC pipe
  • Extends Soil Cub communication reach up to two miles away by line of sight