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EarthScout® L200

EarthScout® L200 is a precision agriculture remote sensor designed for helping outdoor growers monitor their growing environment real time, above and below ground. As the base model of the EarthScout L-Series, the L200 is perfect for growers who are interested in gathering actionable grow data to help in managing inputs, and making decisions regarding irrigation, growing degree units (GDU), planting, fertilizing, pest management, harvesting and more!

Smart Sensors included:

  • Air Temperature Sensor (1)
  • Humidity Sensor (1)
  • Soil Moisture Sensor (1)
  • Soil EC Sensor (1)
  • Soil Temperature Sensor (1)

Additional sensors can be purchased separately and added to EarthScout. Contact a sales representative today at 877-443-7632 to learn how EarthScout can be put to work for you!

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