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Grower Tour Spotlight: Plains Grain & Agronomy

Troy and Burke visited Jared Wunderlich (Precision Ag Specialist) and Matt Spiekermeier (Technical Agronomist) of Plains Grain & Agronomy, a first-class agronomy services facility in North Dakota.

At PGAg, they offer diverse services – helping farmers boost profitability while saving time. Their services are conveniently delivered, providing real-time information and high-tech precision agriculture.

Jared and Matt were especially interested in how EarthScout can measure soil moisture at different depths for more efficient pivot irrigation.

Overwatering can be an expensive problem for farmers. Money saved on water and electricity by not running center pivot systems on a day it is not needed could easily pay for the price of an EarthScout.

Also discussed was our Tissue Sampling feature and our ability to calculate natural nitrogen mineralization.

We appreciate PGAg for taking the time to meet with us. We hope to keep in touch and continue the conversation.